Sunday, 14 October 2018


Well those six weeks shot past! So now it's only Six DAYS until we all meet up to have a fun time with our dolls and each other.

So a couple of reminders for you all.

The entrance from the car park through the kitchen can ONLY be used by sellers bring in their goodies.
Everyone else MUST enter via the front entrance and be marked off the attendance list.

Please Bring and wear a NAME BADGE , if it's your first time could you name badge have a blue background, so we will all know to make you feel welcome. There will be a prize for the best looking  home made name badge.

Please bring a mug or cup for your use. If you forget we will have a few available but it saves time and washing up if you can bring your own.

Please bring, if you are able , a prize for the raffle.

Don't forget that you can add a Sasha or Gregor to the Halloween Dance display.

There will be a Sasha/ Gregor adoption table for those wishing to sell a doll, please attach a price tag with your details, so people can find you to talk about the sale. The cost for displaying on this table is £2 per doll.

Also please be aware that your dolls are your responsibility, there is no added insurance or the costs to run this event would be too much. So by bringing your dolls you are accepting this.

If you see anyone without a name badge and you do not recognise them , please ask them who they are or bring them to the attention of myself or one of the helpers. This way we all stay safe.

So remember come Saturday It will be time to start CHATting and then SNAPping up an item or six for your dolls.

I look forward to seeing you all


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