Sunday, 21 October 2018


The start of Michelle's many boxes of goodies.

 and more

 and more !.

 Then we had Petrana's clothing.

more Petrana

 and more..

Next we had Ginny of A Passion for Sasha.

 more Passion for Sasha.

Fabulous baby hats and T shirts for all dolls baby to Sasha.

Jane Woodward's wonderful knitwear was up next.

more lovely knitwear.

 where Jane meets Ginny.

Then it was Marilyn's delightful clothing.

more from Marilyn.

Dawn was selling clothing on her table.

more from Dawn.

Dawn also had a few dolls and some fabric.

Next was Gayle and Janet sharing a table.

Gayle had some dolly patch clothing on her table.

 Janet had some of her wonderful OOAK clothing on offer plus some dolls.

the dolls for sale.

Next was Chris's table always a good source for props.


Love this dinner set .

 Next another great source of doll props, Jane D's table.

Look chairs!! Furniture !

Also some of Jane's wonderful knitwear.

 Look a piano and a tricycle !

Then we have Diane with a few knits etc.

Then we have DollyDoodles..

 more doodles..

 more doodles..

where Doodles meets Diane's

I also had a table with a few dolls for sale and some clothing but totally forgot to take a photo of it!

Never mind....


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