Sunday, 21 October 2018



Well what a day it was! Everything ran smoothly ! People very kindly followed the rules and came in by the doors allowed.
I had time to mark most people off the list, so knew who'd arrived.

 The Animal Halloween band were all suitable dressed to give all the dancers a chill and Animal behaved himself... well almost!

The dancers began to fill the hall , hopping and a bopping.


there was quite a bit of haunting going on.

Mummy is that you?


A giant pumpkin appears to be climbing through the floor!

Elton Ron bought his scare bear along for a dance partner!

There were a couple of gatecrasher's ! But so big we just had to let them in .

First prize when to this monstrous creature who came along with Theresa.

Second when to these two cobweb covered children who accompanied Pearl and her daughter.

and third to this child who looked almost innocent.... belonging to Janet.

 but they were all wonderful and full of the Halloween spirit!

Wonderful bat

 a few witches attended

There was a mummy or two

Even a spirit complete with chains.. for rattling !

another witch and her familiar !

the spooky sack baby!

another couple of witches.

 a pair of things.. and a baby skeleton

 an phantom fox

 an innocent baby or is it?

Elton Ron and his bear bones...

and Saffron a witch in the middle of a dance move to thriller...

Thanks to the band and to everyone who took the time to join in the display with a costume for their dolls, they all deserved to win.

Next the sales tables and raffle.

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