Friday, 19 October 2018


So finally the long wait is almost over and we'll all be meeting up for a good old gossip and snpping up a few things for our dolls , or even a doll or two!

I thought I'd share some of the items that have been sent to me for this years raffle.

First up we have Baby Lottie, which was purchased from Shelly's site with donations received from Carol Liversage and Brenda Walton plus some of the ticket money.

Next we have this pretty Sasha donated by Paul and myself.

Di Dailey kindly sent this pretty outfit.

Rosie Laird sent some of her fabulous knitwear.

Kendal this dolly doodles baby/toddler outfit.

Shelly Baxter sent these gothic ballet shoes as well as covering the postage on the two dolls shown above.

and Ronny Crouch ( Waters ) sent this wonderful box of Sasha?Gregor props !

so just a little taste of the raffle prizes.


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